Heidi Geldhauser, photographer

Over the past 15 years, I have had experience documenting a wide variety of subject matter - everything from weddings and events, to family and children, to restaurants, food, lifestyle and editorial work. This mix of subject matter and clientele has combined into a certain understanding and confidence in visually communicating the story at hand.

Currently, I feel that my strength is working with small businesses, helping to outline and conceptualize how photography can elevate a brand. I am proud that I have had many of my clients for over five years, and have been able to function as a sort of team-member, helping to challenge and develop a visual identity that is both unique and up-to-date. When looking at my portfolio or Instagram feed, you may notice that my work has a wide array of styles - no one brand looking the same as another. I love being adaptable, and in working closely with clients, together we create imagery that is true to them: highlighting their mission and purpose. 

Simply put - there is not much separation between business and personal when it comes to my approach and sensibility. What helps you succeed helps your family succeed, and that is the heart of my business. I want to do great work so you have great work, and together, doors open and the future expands into other possibilities. Its an extremely rewarding part of what I do, and I value the opportunity. It is integral to my mission as an artist.

Just a few of the brands Heidi has had the pleasure of working with:

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